My Trailer

When the old trailer finally gave up after 30 years I decided to get a new with a few features I had missed on the old one. First there had to be a suspention that did the job even whith a light load, we don't want those splits we made jumping around on the way to next yard. Twin axles are necessary to get a good behaviour on bad roads.

I choose a 4WD vehicle and trailer instead of a small truck when this gives me a chance to get to the bees in almost any condition. The low deck makes it easy to load and unload in the field.

If you look carefully you will see that the gate behind the boxes is movable. It slides along the sides and reduces the need to tie down boxes.

The distance between the vertical bars is set so I can reach in and pull a box out by turning it 45 degrees and don't have to reach over the sides.

I have two of those gates, here you can see how they are locked to the sides.
The tailgate has a built in step that folds down to make it easier to carry heavy boxes on to the trailer. This has proven very valuble and makes it a lot easier to work. A number of small details can together make a big difference in the end.