Bee Blowers and related equipment

My old Dadant blower. 25 kg of solid iron.
Had to put wheels on it, and a handle to pull it around with. Made a lot of difference in the field.
For 2003 I finally decided it was time to retire the old Dadant and got myself a modern blower. Leaf blowers are common now, and they are light weight and powerful. I bought the biggest Echo model and converted it from backpack to rest on the ground. It is powerful, a box is cleared in 5-10 seconds!

Pictures from New Zealand.

Hitachi blower is a silent alternative, and without the exhausts of a petrol engine.
Note the stand for the box. The box is turned upside down to allow for easier removal of bees. It's much easier to blow between the thin bottom bars, and to flip the frames as you go through them. Voltage converter on truck, allows for blowing a yard without battery going dead.

A sprayer converted to blower.