Bee Engineering

Bee Engineering is situated in Perth, Western Australia. It was the largest producer of extracting equipment for commercial beekeepers in Australia in the 90's with a wide range of highly efficient machinery.

Compared to other equipment when used in Europe, the Beequip machines has proved superior regarding efficiency and ease of handling. Simply the best when it comes to getting good value for money.

The standard Beequip uncapper with slide in feed. It is noted for it's simplicity, quiet operation and low maintenance. With a capacity of 8 frames per minute it will suit both the small beekeeper and the large operator. The blades are heated with hot water or steam. The depth of cutting is easily adjusted.
Chain infeed magazine. The uphill delivery takes frames up to the rack system, needed with a horizontal radial extractor.
Deboxer lifts the frames out of the box, just push frames onto chain infeed.
A 120 frame line will be so long that a different rack for holding the frames might be nessesary.
Extracting equipment for the small honey house. Note the cappings reducer under the uncapper.
The air operated lid and the control panel for extractor speed.
Honey/vax separator. Capacity more than one metric ton per hour.
Heat exchanger. Heating area 7 sq. meters. All stainless steel.
Suggestion for layout of extracting line.

More pictures of my extracting line in work.

The production is now continued by Paradise Honey