In the beginning of 1998 I to spent some time with a friend beekeeper in Chile.
This resulted as usual in some pictures. We are 50 km south of Santiago in a small village called Isla de Maipo.
Here we are working bees in a vineyard where most of his hives were placed.
In some places there were small ants making it nessesary to use stands.
The home apiary where we tried some Royal Jelly production.
Enrique is grafting, sitting in the shade of the old willow tree.
Transfering the larvae to cell cups with a grafting needle.
The starter box. Made from a 5 frame nuc box with a mesh in the bottom to supply ventilation.
Bees have started the cells after a night in the starter box.
And the frame with cells go into the queenright finisher hive above excluder. The bees will treat them like swarm cells and finish them properly.